Why aren't my students receiving email invites?


I have invited my students through the "Invite" panel, but none of my students are receiving their invites.


When inviting users via the Invite panel, ensure that the emails are spelled correctly and that each email is comma-separated in the text field.


I'm certain I spelled the emails correctly and that each email was comma-separated, but they still aren't receiving their emails.


Sometimes there are preset email spam filters that can prevent the Awato email invite from making it to the students' inboxes. Have your students check their spam folder in case this has occurred. 

Similarly, the Awato domain may need to be whitelisted by your IT team in order for our email invitations to make it to student inboxes. Please have your IT department connect with our support team at support@awato.co to ensure that the awato.io domain is whitelisted. We have included a template message that you can send to your IT team below.

I am requesting an email be whitelisted through our firewall: talktous@awato.co.

Awato is a career guidance tool that our school is utilizing. If any more information is required from Awato, they can be reached at support@awato.co

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