v5.11 Release Notes

🗒️ Summary

Version 5.11    |    06/13/2019

With v5.11, we are introducing new table stylings and functionality that form the foundation for a better reporting suite. This release focuses on a reorganization of information, improved styling for readability, and overhauled interfaces for common table tools. You can read up about our current table functionality here. Along the way, we've improved some crucial bugs, and added some small value adds such as Holland Code results and Time to Promotion. Looking to the future, we're going to keep building on our new User Reports and hope to bring some new features surround our Career cards. See you soon!

🎉 What’s new

  • Updated all tables with new styling
  • Updated all table headers with new styling
  • Updated mobile styling of tables to facilitate readability
  • Added a new table filter interface
  • Added a new table sort interface
  • Added a new column selection feature to tables that allows users to customize the data that displays
  • Added Holland Code results to user reports that are based on a user's interests results
  • Career Time to Promotion has been added to path steps

💪 What’s better

  • Improved the efficiency of the Pinning / Unpinning careers and degrees feature
  • Added support for an additional branded color
  • Improved the visibility of the external links on degree cards that lead to school's degree pages

🛠️ What's fixed

  • Fixed an issue where career and degree dropdown selectors would not populate
  • Fixed an issue where text inside of grade bubbles was misaligned
  • Fixed an issue where Prospective Members were not available on User Management filter modal
  • Fixed an issue where Program logos are not of equal size to the Awato logo in the Navigation bar
  • Fixed an issue where Counselor Assign did not work
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes paths were generated with redundant undergraduate degrees
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