Table Quick Guide

The Awato platform uses tables to organize, display, and export useful information to administrators and users. This guide is to designed as a general walk through of table functionality.

Note: Not all table features are available on every table.

Table Feature Descriptions


To sort a table click the sort drop down menu and select a criterion. The table will update based on your selection. The default sorting is the first column from least to greatest, normally the user's full name A-Z.


To filter a table by certain user attributes click the filter button to open the filter window. Here you can filter by which users are assigned to you as a counselor, the role of the user and more.

Note: On some tables the "Users Assigned to Me" is default set to true. To view users not assigned to you, click the toggle button.


To toggle which columns on a table are being viewed click the columns button. Click the check boxes to toggle which columns are displayed.


To search the table click on the search bar in the upper right hand corner and start typing. Only content in the name and email columns is searchable.


To download an export document click the arrow icon to the right of the search bar (picture above). Clicking this will email you a pdf with the users that are currently valid within your set filters, including the search filter.


To email a group of selected users, start by selecting a user by clicking the checkbox in the user's row. This will open the user selection toolbar. Click the email icon and your default email service will open to a new email pre-filled with the email addresses of the users you’ve selected.

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