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New users can be invited be filling out the Invite Users form. This form can be accessed by clicking on the Invite Users button. This button is located on both the Users and New Users pages. 

There are 2 ways users can be invited to programs:
  1. Prospective Users via link (Pathways programs only)
  2. Email address

Prospective Users via Link (Pathways programs only)

To use the prospective link select the "Prospective Users via link" radio button. Then click "Next"copy the link either by clicking the link directly or clicking the "Copy Link" button. Now you can paste that link in an email campaign, send it out to individual students for evaluation, or attach it to a link on your website.

Enter Email Address

To invite users by email select the "Anyone via email" radio button and click "Next." The first step in inviting users is entering their email addresses into the Enter Email Address text area. You can invite a single user or multiple users by entering their email addresses separated by a commas.

Choose User Roles 

After entering the users email addresses you can select their role. If no role is selected the users will be added to the program with the default User role. If you are inviting multiple users it is important to note that they will all be assigned the same role. 

Choose User Counselor 

The last step in inviting a user is to choose a counselor to assign the users to. The dropdown menu can be used to select a counselor. If you do not want to assign the users to a counselor you can leave the input set to None. If you are inviting multiple users it is important to note that they will all be assigned the same counselor.  

Assign Users to Groups

Users can also be assigned to custom groups. Search for your user groups name in the search bar and select the group

Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about inviting staff members to your program you can read the How to Invite Staff Members articles.  

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