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Information about the Document Review page's sections and functions, as well as where to find elements on the page.

Section Summary

The Document Review page can be used to review resumes and cover letters.

There are 2 main sections of the Document Review page:

  1. Toolbar
  2. Document


The toolbar contains most of the tools you can utilize when reviewing or editing a document. These tools include a keyword scanner, section editor, document guide, change status button and more. 


At the top of the toolbar is the document name. The name of the document can only be changed by the owner of the document.

Change Status

The first button is the Change Status button. This button can be used to change the status of a document. If clicked, a dropdown menu will appear allowing you to change the status of the document. If the document owner allows notifications to be emailed to them, they will be notified when the status of a document has been changed. 


To read comments and suggestions click on Suggestions, located at the bottom left of the toolbar. If any suggestions have been left on the document they will appear directly below the toolbar after clicking Suggestions. These suggestions include ones that have been left by a counselor as well as auto-suggestions generated by Awato. The number located within the suggestions icon indicates the number of suggestions that have been left on a document. In addition to reading suggestions, you can also add comments to them.  


If you are on the Document Review page and would like to learn about the different sections of the document you can click Guide Me, this is located to the right of the Suggestions button. Clicking on Guide Me will activate the section guide which will appear directly below the toolbar. The document guide provides information about each section of a document. 

Keyword Scanner

The keyword scanner can be used to scan a resume for keywords. The scanner can be opened by clicking on Keyword Scan, located to the right of Guide Me at the bottom of the toolbar. Clicking on Keyword Scan will open a Scan menu on the right side of the screen. 

The keyword scanner searches for keywords based on the industry selected when a document was created or uploaded. In addition to the industry, the scanner can also utilize a job description if one was inputted. Based on the number of keywords utilized in a document the scanner generates a letter grade for the document that is displayed on the Scan menu. If you would like to scan based on a different industry or job description you can click on the New Scan button to input different information into the scanner. 

Section Editor

The section editor allows you to change a resumes template and add or remove sections from a resume. The section editor can be opened by clicking on Section Editor, located to the right of Keyword Scan at the bottom of the toolbar. Clicking on Section Editor will open the edit menu on the right side of the screen. 


The more menu allows you to view more information and tools about a document. The more menu can be opened by clicking on More, located at the bottom right of the toolbar. Clicking on More will open the more menu on the right side of the screen. Due to the responsive nature of the Documents page, some of the tools might appear, within the More menu or the Toolbar when reviewing or editing a document on a laptop, desktop computer, phone or tablet. 

Last Edit

At the top of the more menu, there is text indicating when the document was last edited. 

Document Type

The document type is located directly above the document status. Resumes can be either uploaded or created. 


Below the document type is the document status.

There are 4 statuses a document can have: 

  1. Drafted, the drafted status means that a document has been created but not sent to a counselor for review.
  2. Review Requested, this status means that the document has been sent to a counselor for review. The document will have this status until it's changed to either approved or reviewed by a counselor.
  3. Reviewed, this status means a document has been reviewed by a counselor and suggestions have been made for the document owner to review. After the suggestions have been read and the document has been edited the document owner can send the document back to a counselor for another review.
  4. Approved, the approved status means that a counselor has reviewed the document and has not found any errors. 


Download is located within the tools section of the menu. If clicked, a dropdown menu with different options for sharing or downloading a document will appear. 

Print Preview

Print preview is located within the tools section of the menu. Clicking Print Preview will generate a preview of what the document will look like when it is printed. 


The document is where you can edit the text of a resume or cover letter and add suggestions.

Editing a Document

To edit the document you can simply click on the area you would like to edit and start typing. If the content of a document is edited the document owner will be notified. Documents are saved automatically as you work so you don't need to worry about losing any edits.

Leaving a Suggestion

To leave a suggestion click on the section of the document you would like to leave a suggestion on. Clicking on a section will highlight the section and give you additional options for adding sections, removing sections or leaving suggestions. To leave a suggestion click on the suggestions icon located to the left of the remove icon at the bottom right of the highlighted section.    

Interested in learning more about leaving suggestions? Read the How to Leave a Document Suggestion article.

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