How to Translate Awato into Different Languages

1. Launch Awato on Chrome

  1. Open your Chrome browser. You must use Chrome to translate Awato. You can download Chrome here.
  2. Navigate to and register or sign in.
  3. Navigate to the page you want to see translated

2. Launch Translation Tool

  1. At the top of the page, right click (or Control + Click) with your mouse to bring up an options menu
  2. In the options menu, find and click on the "Translate" option. It might look something like this:

3. Select a Language

  1. Wait for a language selector screen to appear.
  2. Click the options menu on the top right and select Choose Another
  3. Click the options menu on the top right to bring up a list of languages
  4. Find the language you would like the page to be translated to and click it
  5. Click on translate

4. Use Awato in your Desired Language

You can now use Awato in the selected language. Remember, the student will need to type hobbies for the interest assessment in English.

For more resources, you can navigate to our in-app help and support page. To do this, click on the options icon at the top right of the page to see a dropdown menu. Click on the Help and Support option. On this page you will find handy links to many of our support resources.

Finally, if you would like to provide feature feedback or request, join our User Group to help shape the future of our product!

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