Student Getting Started Checklist

What’s Awato and why is it important to me?

Awato is an interest and career exploration tool that helps you find the best path to a career! Follow along with our video tutorial below!

Step #1: Get into Awato

  • Accept email invitation to join Awato
  • Complete the registration form
  • Open the rocket icon on the top right to see a list of activities to do in Awato

Step #2: Take the Interests Assessment

  • Take the Interests assessment
  • View your results by clicking on the Expand button on the Interests card

Step #3: Explore your Career and Education Matches

  • Go to the Explore page to see your career match scores
  • Favorite some careers you like (click on the heart icon)
  • Set a career goal (click on the target icon)
  • Click on the Education tab to explore your education match scores
  • Click on the Pathways tab and explore your career paths
  • Save a path you like by clicking the "Set as My Path" option on the card

If you're ever feeling stuck:

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