v5.12 Release Notes

🗒️ Summary

Version 5.12    |    09/18/2019

With v5.12, we are introducing a brand new feature called Awato Career Embed. This free tool lets schools hand pick careers from our library, and copy + paste their salary cards directly on their own webpages! We're also implementing a new active filters tool bar that conveniently displays the currently applied filters on your table. It also lets you remove a filter in a single click! We've also fixed a number of small bugs while we were at it. Next up, we're going to continue to make some improvements to the Career Embed tool.

🎉 What’s new

  • Added a new career embed tool that allows schools to display career outcomes and their salaries on their own webpages
  • Implemented an active filters bar for tables that will allow for easy viewing and removal of currently applied table filters
  • Included an "employer" role that will allow programs to invite companies to post positions on their jobs board

💪 What’s better

  • Clicking outside of a filter window will close it
  • Improved the copy on the Career Survey assessment to read better
  • Improved the Aspirations zip code placeholder text to read better
  • Provided additional information on the Inclinations assessment when a user answers in a way that does not yield a result

🛠️ What's fixed

  • Fixed an issue where the document export//download function of document tracking didn't work
  • Fixed an issue with User Groups member count
  • Fixed a typo on user onboarding
  • Fixed an issue where the employer relations contact emails resulted in a 404
  • Fixed an issue that caused horizontal scrolling on Prospective User Onboarding page
  • Fixed an issue where the Resend button on User Management was mislabeled
  • Fixed an issue where emails would extend outside of expanded user modals on User Management

🐛 Issues we know

  • A rare issue where an active user will seemingly be logged out for inactivity has been witnessed, but cannot be traced. If you see it happen, let us know so we can track it down faster!

Awato Career Embed:

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