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Information about the Users page's sections and functions, and where to find elements on the page.

Section Summary

The Users page can be used to view and update information about existing users and invite new users.

There are 2 main sections of the Manage Users page
  1. Sub Navigation
  2. Users Table 

Sub Navigation

The sub navigation is the first section, located underneath the main menu bard. This section contains links to navigate between the Users and New Users pages. The purple line below the menu option indicates which page you are currently on. In the following example, the user is on the Users page.

The Invite users button is also located within the sub navigation. You can click on the button to invite new users into your program. If you are interested in learning more about this you can read the How to Invite Students or How to Invite Staff Members articles.  

Users Table

The Users table is located below the sub navigation. The table has two components, the table sorting and search and the table contents.

Table Sorting and Search 

The table can be sorted by name, email, counselor and the users current status. The search-bar can also be utilized to search the table by keyword. 

Table Contents

Each table row contains the users name, email address, counselor, the status and a button to expand a selected user to view and update their information. In the expanded view you can view the selected users name, email address, role, counselor and status. In this view you can also edit their role and counselor and remove them from your program.

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