v5.3 Release Notes

🗒️ Summary

Version 5.3    |    03/29/2019

With v5.3, we continue fine tuning Pathways and broadening its feature set. Our focus this release was on including more choice and context to a career path by including financial impact, deeper descriptions of careers and degrees, increased visibility on degree type and focus, and an ability to change the recommended paths to something more suiting for you. We also crushed a couple of core bugs that were causing some issues with expected path content. Expect more Pathways polishing soon!

🎉 What’s new

  • Added the ability to change a Path to a specific career or degree
  • Added a financial section of Path Comparison and included regional salary, education cost, and ROI
  • Added the ability to expand Careers and Degrees to learn more about them

💪 What’s better

  • Made adjustments to match details algorithm to improve the quality of results
  • Improved the user flow for generating paths when taking Aspirations from the Assessments page
  • Made a change to Aspirations to allow a user to retake the assessment and regenerate their paths
  • Adjusted the placeholder text of the career and degree search fields to be clearer
  • Adjusted the copy of the Paths loading splash screen to be clearer
  • Removed the nonfunctioning employment trend number from Career Matching cards
  • Improved visibility of Degree Focuses within the Aspiration's degree search field and on Path cards
  • Adjusted the career and degree search fields to report "No results found" when there are no results
  • Included a notice on Paths page when a user requests a specific degree type that the program does not provide
  • Improved upon the searchable items in the degree search fields

🛠️ What's fixed

  • Fixed an issue preventing user from being added to the correct programs when following a prospective user invite link
  • Fixed an issue where the Back to Pathways button on an Expanded Path would not function in Firefox
  • Fixed an issue where the Career Matching industry filter was not working
  • Fixed an issue with SSO causing double logins

🐛 Issues we know

  • There are errors in the match details visualization. We have removed the visualization until we can improve it.
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