v5.2 Release Notes

🗒️ Summary

Version 5.2    |    03/15/2019

With v5.2, we launch our new support tool that lets users search for useful How Tos and Feature Guides, as well as reach out to our support team if something's... not quite right. We're excited to hear from you, so check it out! Along with our support tool, we've implemented single sign-on to allow for easier integrations, improved brand-ability, and have made improvements to the quality of our Pathways algorithm. Oh, and we squashed just a few bugs. 

🎉 What’s new

  • Implemented Single Sign-on 
  • Implemented a new support button that allows users to quickly search through product documentation as well contact Awato for support

💪 What’s better

  • Improved Pathways algorithm to generate and display 3 unique career paths, instead of variations of the same career path
  • Improved Pathways algorithm to reduce circumstances where disjointed paths could be generated
  • Added the program logo and branded illustrations to subdomains, login and register pages
  • Improved the spacing between the Overview section and Sticky Nav on Expanded Path

🛠️ What's fixed

  • Fixed an issue where reCAPTCHA could produce errors when creating an account through Single Sign-On
  • Fixed an issue where the Results Export would not work
  • Fixed an issue where adding a user to a Group via the Expanded User Modal would also remove the user from all Groups
  • Fixed an issue where adding a user to a Group via the Expanded User Modal would also remove other users from the Group
  • Fixed issues that displaced the sub navigation on Expanded Paths
  • Fixed an issue that caused the wave background of the Paths page to cause unintended horizontal scroll
  • Fixed a spacing issue that caused blank areas around the Expanded Path page
  • Fixed an issue where the Edit Location was displaced on the Expanded Path page
  • Fixed coloring of the Edit Location icon, Regional Salary copy, Pathway banner icon

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