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Descriptions of the Document page's sections and functions, and where to find elements on the page.

Section Summary

The Documents page is where you can view your documents and create new documents or upload existing ones. 

This article will discuss the 3 main features of the Documents page:
  1. Document Filtering and Searching
  2. Document Creation and Upload
  3. Document Cards

Document Filtering and Searching

The filter by type dropdown allows documents to be filtered by resume or cover letter. The filter is located at the top left of the page, directly below the main navigation. Documents can also be searched for by entering keywords into the search bar. The search bar is located to the right of the filter.

Document Creation and Upload

New documents can be created or uploaded by clicking the Create or Upload button. If your program does not have the upload feature the button will say just say Create, and you will not be able to upload an existing document. This button is located at the top of the page on the right side. Clicking the Create or Upload allows a user to create a new document or upload an existing one with Awato. 

Document Cards

All of a user's documents are displayed within cards beneath the document filter and search bar. Each document card displays the document type and status as well as the number of suggestions left in the document. Below this information are three buttons, Edit, Download and Delete. The Edit button takes the user to the Document Editor where they can view more information and edit their document. The Download button activates a dropdown menu. This menu can be used to share a document via a link or download the document as a .pdf, or text file. The Delete button allows the user to delete the document from Awato. 

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